.NET Fundamentals



Cursul de formare .NET Fundamentals se concentreaza pe aspectele de baza ale utilizarii .NET pentru a crea aplicatii bazate pe web.

Durata: 2 zile

Modalitate de livrare: online

Nivel: basic

Pret: 400 Euro

*pretul nu contine TVA;

Cui se adreseaza


Cursul se adreseaza persoanelor care sunt familiarizate cu un limbaj orientat pe obiecte, cum ar fi C#, Java, SmallTalk sau C++.

Ce vei invata


1. Introduction

  • Recap the Most Important C# Notions
  • History of .NET
  • Types of Projects – Overview and Characteristics
  • Tools for ASP.Net Development
  • Create a Class Library in Visual Studio

2. ASP.Net Command Line Interface

  • Overview of the ASP.Net Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Uncover the essential commands for project management and development

3. ASP.Net Core Concepts

  • NuGet: overview, install packages, create your own package
  • Dependency Injection
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • HTTP Communication in .NET

4. Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Create a Web API
  • Create a controller with CRUD operations and routing
  • Explore Swagger
  • Explore result types and understand IActionResult
  • Add versioning to the API
  • Create an HTTP call to another API, serialize, and deserialize the response
  • Add logging
  • Use settings from appsettings.json
  • API best practices
  • Health checks
  • Postman
  • Practice

5. MVC (Model-View-Controller)

  • Create an MVC project
  • Understand the architecture of the project
  • Explore result types
  • Run and test the project
  • Scaffolding new pages
  • MVC best practices
  • Practice 2

6. Background Services

  • What is a background service
  • Create a background service
  • Practice 3

7. Unit Testing

  • xUnit & NUnit
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Mock libraries
  • Fluent assertions

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