C# Fundamentals



Cursul C# pentru incepatori ofera cunostinte de baza si abilitati practice adaptate pentru persoanele care nu au experienta in programare sau au o experienta limitata de programare. Acest curs echipeaza cursantii cu concepte si instrumente esentiale pentru a scrie si intelege cu incredere codul C#.

Durata: 2 zile

Modalitate de livrare: online

Nivel: basic

Pret: 400 Euro

*pretul nu contine TVA;

Cui se adreseaza


Cursul se adreseaza persoanelor care vor sa invete bazele programarii in C#. Nu sunt necesare alte cunostinte de programare pentru a urma acest curs.

Ce vei invata


1. Getting Started

  • Administrative essentials, difference between C# and .Net, Visual Studio & extensions
  • Initiating with the classic “Hello World” for a hands-on introduction

2. Data Types and Variables

  • Naming conventions, Input & Output
  • Data types: bool, int, float, double, string, StringBuilder, DateTime, DateOnly, TimeOnly, Nullable, var, const
  • Implicit and explicit conversion, string escape mechanisms, formatting strings, string interpolation, special characters, and discerning value types versus reference types

3. Conditionals

  • If-else statement
  • Inline if-else constructs, navigating nested if statements
  • Switch statement

4. Loops

  • While, do-while, and for loops
  • Break and continue statements

5. Methods

  • Methods and method types
  • Parameters
  • Practical insights into using and calling methods
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself principle

6. Collections

  • Data structures, arrays, dictionaries, tuples
  • IEnumerable and IQueryable
  • Lambda expressions and LINQ

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